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Blog from fieldwork of Silvie Harder (26.09.2014)

Field work in Stordalen peatland near Abisko, Sweden was carried out from late May until early September by Silvie Filipovna (a member of the PYRN ExCom 2014-2016). This was the third consecutive season that field research is conducted on what the impacts of permafrost thaw are on the carbon, energy and water balances at this site. Permafrost extent is quickly shrinking here and as a result, the vegetation communities are changing from drier palsas to wetter fen and bog areas

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Blog from fieldwork of George Tanski (03.09.2014)

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Field work on Herschel Island (Yukon Coastal Plain, Canada) as part of the research project COPER. On this year’s expedition Yukon Coast 2014 permafrost and water samples have been taken to investigate the fate of permafrost carbon and its degradation on its way to the ocean and in the nearshore zone of the Beaufort Sea. In total more than 250kg of sample material have been delivered to Germany for further analysis. With the help of a great team, including the Geological Survey of Canada, Queens University, University of Edinburgh, Virginia Tech and the Yukon Park Rangers Sam, Edward, Ricky and Deon the expedition was a great success. Thanks for everyone for the help! (Photos taken by: Hugues Lantuit and Anna Konopczak).

Blog from fieldwork of Josefine Lenz (09.08.2014)

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Field work on North Slope, Alaska/U.S.A.: A joint CALON project and PETA-CARB group expedition is carried out from August 8th-21st 2014 to gain better understanding of thermokarst dynamics. Expanding as well as draining lakes are common features in permafrost landscapes (left photograph by J. Lenz). A sediment core will give Josefine insights into the past lake development (right photo by C. Baughman).

Blog from fieldwork of Alexey Maslakov (18.08.2014)

Alexey Maslakov works in Eastern Chukotka, Russia, in the framework of CALM (Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring) program. Between these measurements Alexey with help of locals studies arctic coastal dynamics.

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Blog from fieldwork of Ingo Hartmeyer (25.07.2014)

Field work at the Kitzsteinhorn (3.203 m a.s.l.), Central Alps, Austria. Within the research project MOREXPERT extensive terrestrial laserscanning campaigns are carried out in order to detect spatio-temporal patterns of rockfall in permafrost-affected rock faces (person in the photo: Ingo Hartmeyer, photo taken by: Robert Delleske).

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