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Young Researchers Workshop at ICOP 2016

Young Researchers Workshop at ICOP 2016

A “Young Researchers Workshop” will take place at the XI. International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP 2016). This workshop is organized as a joint effort of PYRN (Permafrost Young Researchers Network), APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists), the young researcher representatives of the USPA (United States Permafrost Association), and ADAPT (Arctic Development and Adaptation to Permafrost in Transition).
The workshop aims at providing opportunities to young researchers to learn and build interdisciplinary knowledge:

• how to get published in scientific journals (professional trainer)
• practical methods and
• essential soft skills.

For detailed information on the Young Researchers Workshop program, please download the program here.

The soft skills portion, presenting and sharing knowledge about the Arctic and Antarctic permafrost regions, will be a focus. To achieve this, the participants will enter into dialogue and exchange in thematic break-out sessions.

The application deadline for abstract submission as well as the application for the workshop: December 1, 2015.
The maximum number of participants is 150. If more applications are submitted, an evaluation of the applications will be done. To apply for the workshop, please use the suitable category in the conference registration system and please be prepared to provide the following there:

• A letter of motivation stating why you are interested in participating in the ICOP and the workshop (500 words)
• If you are part of a network (PYRN, IPA, APECS, USPA…), how are you involved? If you are not part of a network, are you interested to increase your activity e.g. for the future PYRN or APECS executive committee, council and/or national representation? (300 words)

Approval will be sent out until February 11, 2016 to successful applicants.

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