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PYRN Russia workshop on Yamal crater studies

PYRN Russia will organize the second workshop on Yamal crater studies. The meeting will be held in December 16, 2016 in Institute of Geography (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow. The aim of the workshop is to consolidate efforts of various organizations to understanding the conditions, mechanism and the geography of occurrence of such phenomena as Yamal crater, which is a potential threat to safe exploitation of engineering facilities. The upcoming talks will be dedicated to results of on-site and remote studies, conducted in 2014-2016. The following presentations will be given:

1) “About the dynamic of Yamal Crater (2014-2016)” (Marina Leibman);

2) “Antipayuta Crater: preliminary observation results in August 2016” (Artyom Khomutov);

3) “The results of repeated geophysical studies on Yamal crater” (Vladimir Olenchenko);

4) “The results of crater studies by GPR “GROT 12” (Volkomirskaya Lyudmila);

5) Links between heaving and gas accumulation in permafrost based on InSAR application (Gleb Kraev)

6) “Fluid and geodynamics of frozen deposits” (Anna Kurchatova);

7) “Remote revealing of sites of surface gas showings in the Arctic” (Oleg Sizov);

8) “Previous references of similar craters in science and fiction” (Fedor Zepalov, online presentation);

9) Nikolaev V.N. Yamal crater through my pupil’s words.

The workshop will be broadcasted online. To attend the workshop remotely, visit: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4081375446463269377 (the beginning of broadcasting is 09:00 AM GMT, Fri, Dec 16, 2016. Working language is Russian, but comments and questions from English speaking participants are welcome.

The registration is obligatory through the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hPsSHFtZXS5rH1FqmjL5anbL6wjcU88phiyENhoI73g/edit

Detailed information and updates are available at: https://vk.com/pyrn_40 and http://www.igras.ru/news/1172


For the present moment about 60 professionals have been registered from Lomonosov MSU, Earth Cryosphere institute of SB RAS, Institute of Geoecology of RAS, Institute of atmosphere physics of RAS, Institute of Physical, Chemical and Biological Problem of Soil of RAS, RSU of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin, JSC “Timer”, Institute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov of RAS, Institute of Geography of RAS, JSC “Gazprom VNIIGAZ”, JSC “VNIPIgazdobycha”, SO “Aerogeologya”, ITC “Scanex”, “Earth Cryosphere” magazine publishing office, “Scientific center of Arctic Study”, “Child-Youth Center” from Salekhard, University of Alaska Fairbanks, PermafrostEng,

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