Permafrost Young Researchers Network

Massive ice body, Herschel Island, CanadaThe Permafrost Young Researchers Network conducts several types of activities. Beyond the obvious capacity-building tools provided by the website, the newsletter and the member listing, PYRN has progressively established itself as a true service provider for the young researcher community.

PYRN currently organizes every year the PYRN Award, which is granted to an outstanding presenter during permafrost conferences

PYRN is also the proud initiator of PYRN-Bib, a bibliography of theses completed in the field of permafrost, Rich of over 700 references this searchable bibliography is available in different formats, including an endnote-ready file

PYRN organizes workshops with the objective to multiply contacts across specialties within the field of permafrost and to encourage transdisciplinarity at an early stage. It also organizes yearly executive meetings to coordinate the project and bring forward new leaders and new projects. Check out the incredible success of our workshops on these pages

Drilling on the yukon CoastPYRN has initiated in 2007 the creation of a global list of senior researchers involved in permafrost research. This list was a request many times formulated by PYRN members and is available on these pages as an interactively searchable database.

PYRN has recently initiated the PYRN drilling project. A major effort to provide young investigators with the means to revisit abandoned boreholes and to drill new ones and provide new data to the IPY project "Thermal State of Permafrost".

PYRN is an all-round service provider and strives to provide more and more information to its members. Please provide us with comments and suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.