Permafrost Young Researchers Network

PYRN Russia invites permafrost researchers to come up with the results of their research or research plans in open lectures for the purpose of theoretical training and sharing of knowledge on permafrost since 2012. Senior permafrost researchers and their younger colleagues share with their experience, ideas and opportunities in course of the lectures. PYRN Lyceum is open to the community members, wishing to rehearse and discuss their reports in a friendly environment prior to the public talks at meetings and conferences of various levels.
In order to expand the audience we are working to implement the online seminars (webinars) platform. It will bring together young permafrost researchers and lecturers from various cities, allowing you to not only watch the live webcast lectures, but also to participate in the discussion. The archive of the lectures will be accessible online soon.
Subject of the research presented in the PYRN Lyceum is limited only by the sphere of interests of the PYRN members which is the permafrost. The following lectures have already been presented: ”Geocryological conditions of Mars and cryogenic processes in its high latitudes” (Komarov I.A., Professor, Lomonosov MSU, DSc (Geology)), “Glaciation of caves” (Mavlyudov B.R., PhD), "Expedition to the New Siberian Islands of Russian Geographical Society" (Belova N.G., Ph.D.), "Submarine permafrost of Ob bay" and "Ice and glaciers of Franz Josef Land" (Kokin O.V., PhD), "Permafrost on Kilimanjaro" (Khalilova Y.V.), "Snowmobile Expedition from Alaska to the Atlantic - the establishment of the monitoring network for observation and the active layer monitoring" (Kenji Yoshikawa, Professor, University of Alaska, PhD)