Permafrost Young Researchers Network

ACOP2017 2nd Asian Conference on Permafrost

Dear Permafrost Young Researchers,

We are happy to make a few announcements regarding the activities organized by PYRN during the 2nd Asian Conference on Permafrost (ACOP2017).

PYRN Ice-Breaker

A Permafrost Young Researchers Ice-Breaker will be held at the Hokkaido University Museum Café on July 3rd after the poster session. Food and drinks are going to be offered for free to the registered participants. It will be the ideal occasion to gather and unwind after the first day of the conference.


Awards will be granted during ACOP2017 for “Outstanding Oral Presentation” and “Outstanding Poster Presentation” by a Young Permafrost Researcher.

Please help the judges identify your presentation by putting the “Running for PYRN awards” logo on the title page of our presentation or at the top of your poster. The logo can be downloaded here.


Please register for the PYRN Ice-Breaker and sign up for the PYRN-IPA Awards by filling up the following form before June 28th:

Also, make sure you are a registered PYRN members by looking up your name in the PYRN Member List or register for free.

We are also reminding you that you can follow PYRN on Facebook @PYRNofficial, Twitter @PYRN_official and Instagram @PYRN_official.

For any questions regarding the PYRN activities at ACOP2017, please contact Simon Dumais at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are looking forward to seeing you in Sapporo!

Simon Dumais and Tatsuya Watanabe on behalf of the PYRN Executive Committee and the ACOP2017 Local Organizing Committee.